Why we are "ALL HEART "

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Many wonderful old trees become problem trees due to lack of pruning during their younger years. Mismanaged trees become dangerous and require severe pruning or removal. Having a trained Arborist prune your younger trees will save you money in the long run and may save them from being removed. All sizes of trees require pruning to grow the best structure to assure a strong balanced tree. Unbalanced trees with overweight limbs become a threat to buildings and people below. A properly thinned tree is much less vulnerable to the wind. Property owners are pleasantly surprised at the new look of the pruned and reshaped tree as it compliments their home. Removing the tree is an option but most are happy to have made the right choice, save the tree. The cost of professional pruning now, is less than the cost of a neglected problem tree later.


We remove trees to make room to build our houses and leave a few to enjoy in our landscape.
These trees have lost the protective benefits of the natural surroundings found in the forest.
Trees in the forest have better chances of survival because they are close together protecting each other from winds.
The forest floor is designed by nature to provide the roots with essential mineral elements  for good health.
These protective benefits are reduced or eliminated by building our roads and homes.
Trees need help to survive in our cities. If you choose to buy property that comes with trees, please be prepared to protect and care for them. 
 We value trees as enhancements to our landscape.
Trees give us many products we need to live our lives.  They give us the very air we breath and 
filter our pollution from our environment.